Ulysses Dietz

The Newark Museum Acquires Rudolf Staffel by Meredith Harper

Rudolf Staffel, Light Gatherer, c. 1990, translucent porcelain, wheel thrown, eroded, altered and incised, with copper oxide wash. Collection The Newark Museum, New Jersey.  Purchase

We're thrilled to announce that the Newark Museum, New Jersey, has acquired their first Staffel Light Gatherer for the Museum's permanent collection.  The Museum has a superb collection of decorative arts in all media, including significant depth in historic and contemporary ceramics. 

Chief curator Ulysses Dietz has a broad and deep knowledge of historical American ceramics, which he shares with us in the lavishly illustrated catalogue to his 2003 exhibition Great Pots:  Contemporary Ceramics from Function to Fantasy.  For a discussion and beautiful illustrations of an earlier period in ceramic history, check out his encore Masterpieces of Art Pottery:  1880-1930.